Easy Ways You Can Save Money This Christmas

mas time is an expensive time of year but it doesn’t always have to be. I know it is fun to buy expensive gifts for your family but it is not always the best choice. Spending a lot of money isn’t the best way to show people you love them. The holidays are about being happy with your family and friends. Here are some tips on how you can save money this Christmas.

Give a Home Made Gift – An easy way to save money on gifts is to make a gift at home. If you can make crafts, jewelry or woodworking then you can make gifts for people. You can also use the computer to make gifts. I once took many family photos and make a collage photo for my wife. It took less than $10 dollars to print the collage and frame it for a gift. Women love to get homemade gifts because they know it takes time and effort for you to make it. This is a great option if you need to save money this year and still need to give gifts.

Buy Only One Gift – I’ve used this strategy before by telling people close to me to purchase me only one gift and I would buy them one gift. This puts more focus on being with the people you love and less focus on the spending that is associated with Christmas. This also makes that one gift even more special. Talk to the people that are buying you gifts this year and ask them if they want to use this one gift system and it should save everyone a lot of money.

Buy Cheaper Gifts – You can shop around and find better prices if you feel a need to buy a lot of gifts. Always check deal sites such as Slick Deals and Fatwallet. You can find items on sale and can save money vs buying retail. Also check daily deal sites such as Groupon and living social. Those sites always have great deals that make for good gifts. Many times these daily deal sites list items and services at 50% off or even more. I’ve purchased massages on sale from local spas and given them as gifts. People love to get a gift certificate for a spa treatment and massage. Always check these deal sites before paying high retail prices for your gifts this Christmas.